Dityer help independent retailers and suppliers sell more online, increase earnings, manage operations, delight customers, and compete with larger businesses. We make e-commerce and logistics easy for everyone.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to unlock barriers to e-commerce and logistics technology access, provide resources and solutions for everyone — and increase economic freedom in the world by connecting more people and businesses to the digital economy.

About us

Dityer is a simplified and unified e-commerce and logistics network and infrastructure technology platform working to connect and power an inclusive digital future that benefits everyone, everywhere, by making e-commerce and logistics unified, simplified, faster, more transparent, more affordable, and more accessible.

Products and Solutions

We give entrepreneurs and businesses an all-in-one technology platform that empowers them to sell online, provide delivery, pickup and shipping, increase earnings, improve customer experience, and easily manage operations — and give consumers the opportunity to enjoy better, faster, and more transparent shopping and delivery experiences.

Using technology, data, networks, partnerships, and passion, our innovations, resources, and solutions empower consumers and businesses to participate and thrive in the digital economy and create a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.

We are powering and facilitating, better, faster, and more secure e-commerce and logistics transactions for everyone, everywhere.

The future of e-commerce and logistics is local

We partner with businesses of all sizes, selling online, in person, or providing delivery to local customers. However, we believe the future of e-commerce and logistics is local, and we remain focused on creating the best technology products for small and medium-sized businesses with a local presence. We understand that now more than ever, consumers are choosing to support local businesses over larger ones. With the power of our technology, Dityer is helping fuel the growth of entrepreneurs everywhere.

And we’re just getting started

We created Dityer in 2020 with a simple vision: to help small and medium-sized businesses everywhere gain access to the best and most affordable technology products that would help them come together to compete on a more level playing field with larger businesses. Today, Dityer is the online marketplace, data network and infrastructure platform where anyone can sell online, and provide delivery, pickup, shipping, and package tracking to customers, all on one platform. And where customers discover great products from businesses and experience better and more honest shopping and delivery experiences powered by technology.

How we’re changing things

We believe all entrepreneurs and businesses should have access to better, more transparent, more honest, and more affordable e-commerce and logistics technology products, resources, and solutions that empower them to start, run, and grow their businesses, increase earnings, manage operations, satisfy customers, and participate and thrive in the digital economy.

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We’re growing, partnering with businesses of all sizes, and delighting customers. You can become part of the story by using our products or partnering with us to power your e-commerce and logistics operations.

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