Making e-commerce and logistics easy for everyone

Dityer is the better way for any business to sell online, provide delivery, in-store and curbside pickup and shipping to customers.

We make it easy to organize and manage e-commerce and logistics operations.

Bringing simplicity and transparency to e-commerce and logistics

Dityer is the all-in-one e-commerce and logistics platform that helps entrepreneurs and businesses increase earnings, manage operations,

delight customers, and compete with larger businesses. Companies of all sizes use Dityer’s marketplace, software, and APIs to organize

and manage their e-commerce and logistics operations.

Dityer’s the only e-commerce and logistics platform with everything you need, for everyone


Shop from stores selling on Dityer. Get delivery, shipping and pickup.


Experience Better Logistics

Dispatch packages, provide delivery to your customers and take complete control of your deliveries.

Use our Delivery API to add delivery to any e-commerce website or web application in minutes.

Experience Better E-commerce

Sell online and provide delivery, pickup and fast shipping to your customers.

Plus, get access to your data and improve customer experience with real-time analytics and better communication.

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